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A12E OIML Weighing Indicator Inquire

Product Description

Product Description

Weighing indicator XK3190-A12E adopts fast speed, high precision ∑-Δ A/D conversion technology and special anti-vibration software technology, widely applied in electronic platform scale, electronic floor scale, mechanic-electronic conversion scale and so on alike static weighing system equipped with 1 ~ 4 load cells.blob

Technical Parameter

Standard function

◆ High precision A/D conversion with readability 1/30000
◆ Calling code shows convenient, farmar, alternative sense of observation and analysis of tolerance
◆ Special digital filtering technology, enhance the system's ability to resist vibration
◆ In pieces zero tracking range and scope of zeros (boot/manual), can be set up respectively
◆ Pieces of digital filtering speed, amplitude and the stability of the time can be set up
◆ In pieces with weighing counting functions;(for power-off protection)
◆ Pieces of backlight model can choose
◆ Pieces can be random charging;With undervoltage directives and protection
◆ Pieces of random configuration 6 v / 4 ah maintenance-free battery
◆ Mixer equipped with RS - 232 communication port, baud rate, optional optional communication way
◆ Mixer equipped with 20 ma current loop large screen communication port

Technical parameters 

◆ A/D conversion way: Σ - Δ transformation way
◆ A/D conversion rate: 10 times per second
◆ Maximum number of A/D conversion: 20 bits
◆ The input signal range: - 10 ~ 15 mv mv
◆ Input sensitivity: 1 mu V/e or higher
◆ Sensor for bridge power: DC5V;I ma 150 or less
◆ Number of connected sensor: can meet four 350 Ω sensors
◆ Sensor connection mode: 6 wire system
◆ Degree verification points: 3000, the largest outside points degree: 30000, the maximum amount of resolution: 300000
◆ Dividing value: 1/2/5/10/20/50 optional
◆ Six pieces display mode (A12) : LCD, six state indicator
◆ Six pieces display mode (A12E) : LED digital tube, six state indicator
◆ Display area: - 2000 ~ 150000 (d = 10)
◆ Big screen interface (optional)
◆ Serial output signal output way:, current loop signal
◆ Baud rate: 600, transmission distance: 2000 meters or less current loop signal
◆ Serial communication interface (optional)
◆ Interface type: RS232C, baud rate: optional 1200/2400/1200/2400
◆ Communications: automatic successive optional way/instruction
◆ Transmission distance: RS232C 30 meters or less
◆ AC power supply: AC187 ~ 242 v.49 ~ 51 hz
◆ DC power supply: built-in battery DC6V / 4 ah

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